The Intercessors

Jacob wrestled, Vedic worshipers danced, Hannah wept, Lawrence never ceased - prayer - approaching the divine – a central part of the human experience and as mysterious now as ever it has been.  Whether experienced in recitation or extemporaneously, at any given time, millions of our neighbors around the globe are likely in prayer.  It is expressed in many ways - in specific words, at appointed times, in mantras and offerings, or chanting and meditation, while fasting or feasting, in desperation or in celebration. This work is an allegory of prayer.  It was commissioned as a reflective piece to capture a specific vision about the calling to intercessory prayer – about it’s timelessness, essentiality, and transformative power.

What One Person Can Do...

·      Partner with one of the many growing international prayer communities such as the '24/7 prayer' movement

·      Discover more about the nature and role of prayer in your faith tradition

·      Pray for personal, communal, and global peace